MQuISS® support and guidance

Course ID: 93

Suitable for: Macmillan Professionals

Duration: n/a
Format: E-Learning
Level: Intermediate
Providing you with more detailed knowledge and skills, and exploring how to apply these within the remit of your role.

The changing cancer environment
We offer an array of fundamental courses that will help you negotiate difficult situations and improve your understanding of cancer care's ever-changing landscape.

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Supporting you with the Macmillan Quality in Information and Support Services (MQuISS®) standards. A one-stop-shop of information, guidance and other resources.

The information provided here will support you in reaching level 4 of the MQuISS® standards

Topics include:

  • Introducing MQuISS®
  • Support Available
  • Starting to use MQuISS®
  • Collecting and Using Data
  • Monitoring and Evaluation

More resources are available on the Information & Support Professionals page.